Mitsubishi X850 32 Track PRODIGI digital


Alesis Adat HD24 Digital Hard Disk Recorder


Presonus Firewire 32 in 32 out ADAT
Mackie Sdr2496
(2) Alesis Adat 8 track XT Digital Multitrack Recorders
Alesis BRC Controller 40 channel digital
Tascam MS16 1" 16 track analogue with Bel dbx 16 channel noise reduction

Studer A80 ¼” 2 track 
Sony PCM 3402 ¼ inch digital mastering
Mitsubishi X80 2 Track ¼ inch digital mastering
Teac A3440 4 track
Teac A3340 4 track
Revox G36 Valve 15 i.p.s mastering
Revox A77 15 i.p.s mastering
Brennel Mk 5 Series 2  1 7/8”, 3 ¾”, 7 ½”, 15 ips mono
DBX stereo
Dolby A stereo
Toshiba Adres NR
3 x Denon DR500 Cassette duplication
Denon DRM12HX Master Cassette Machine
2 x Sony 750ES DAT Recorders
Tascam DA20 II DAT
Tascam 202 MKIII Professional Dual Cassette Recorder
Sony Mini disk
2 x Sony 750ES DAT Recorders
Tascam DA20 II

teac 80-8

TEAC 80-8 with DBX

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