Taylor 512CE acoustic,
Takamine acoustic
Antoria 6 string humming bird,
Crafter 12 steel string,
Spanish Nylon Classical Acoustic
Gibson Les Paul sunburst,
Fender Telecaster (humbucker, Mahogany body)
1960 Fender Telecaster,
Yamaha RBX 765A 5 string Active Bass
1972 Fender Musicmaster Bass,
1964 Fender Jazz Bass
1962 Fender Precision, Epiphone dot semi,
Epiphone les paul green metalic
Fender Strat wood finish,
Sunn Strat white



(2)Yamaha Digital 7 pad midi kit with controller
Pearl Export 6 piece
Sonor 5 piece 1962
Premier Royale 4 piece
Ludwig 1/2" shells 4 piece
cymbals by Zildjian/ Sabian /Paiste & Krut
Toca Quinto Conga Tumba
LP conga 5"
king congas red sparkle
13 snares, Ludwig, Premier, Yamaha, Ludwig Brass c 1920
timbales, aluminium doumbek, copper turkish doumbeks
bongos, bodhran djembe, bells, whistles, shakers, claves, fish


1/2 4/4 Violins, Viola
1/2, 4/4 Cello, 3/4 Double Bass,
Martin Busine Alto Saxophone,
Pennsylvania Tenor Saxophone
Buscher Flute
trumpet, Clarinet

We also carry spares for guitars violins strings skins pp3 reeds...etc.

Laney AOR Ampstack
Behringer Pro Bass Pre Amp/FX
Behringer 4x12
Session 1 x 12 combo
Ashdown mag500
Ashdown mag200
Ashdown cab 4x12 (2)
Peavey Studio 50
Line 6 Spider 1 combo
Belcat V35B Vintage 35W
Simms Watts 4 x 12
Simms Watts pa100

Carlsboro Bass 150 watt Combo
Carlsboro guitar 60 watt Combo(2)
Digitech RP9 guitar preamp and effects unit
Fender R212 amps(2)
Fender frontman(3)
Vox pathfinder 15
Fender mini amp
Harvey Benton amp

lowlight live

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